Erotic Art



Hello! Hi there! Hey! I'm Candice, of course! Oh you know me? Well how silly of me to keep introducing myself. But you know, I always think it's very polite to at least shake your hand, right? Wait, I dont think that's my hand you're shaking? Umm. Oh well, maybe thats how people greet each other and all this time I've been doing it wrong? Why are you laughing? Should I shake yours like that now? Oh dear, I seem to have made you laugh again. Well! At least I've already managed to entertain you! C'mon now, let's get to the real reason you're here! Today we are going to peruse and review Droid447, 3D Monster Stories! Oh I'm so excited! And not just because you shook me there!

Hurry! Haven't you always wanted that erotic image to tell you a story? Read about it and grasp just exactly how that lovely girl got herself into this mess? Well now, thanks to Home Alone 447, you can and wow! What a story we are told! From the rich environments of back alleys and bedrooms to the old mythical tale of the dark Vampires that stroll among us just waiting to suck our necks! I think it's their soft point you know? I mean, why always go for the neck if they don't find it so very attractive? That's why I keep my own throat free and clear of jewelry! I wonder if that offends them sometimes. Hmm, what? Oh, sorry! This way, this way!

There it is in all its gorgeously erotically displayed glory! Oh my, look at that! I mean, she's all stretched out and helpless! And over there! Are those werewolves? Oh my gosh! I can't look! Cover my eyes for me, cover my eyes! Umm, those aren't my eyes, but, that does really feel Ok! Let's move on! I promise the excitement of these monsters, their helpless victims, the story you get to read and see with your eyes, they don't disappoint! Stay a while, and if you love it like I love it? Click away at the lil member sign up! It'll blow your mind!



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